The Start of SEDP

The Southborough Extended Day Program, Inc., (SEDP) was established over 25 years ago through the grassroots efforts of a small group of working parents. After an extensive review of programs operating in other communities, the founders incorporated SEDP as a non-profit child-care corporation in March 1986 and were granted permission from the Southborough Public School District to operate the program within the public school buildings. To this day, parents provide a driving force for our program and we actively solicit parent involvement.

Our Board of Directors

Our board of directors is composed completely of parent volunteers who have no financial interest in the program, and who ensure that student needs are kept as our top priority. Our program has evolved through our collaboration with the schools. As the needs of the district change, SEDP has worked with school principals to add new programs and adapt existing ones. With an eye to the future, we regularly evaluate the effectiveness of each of our programs, and seek new ways to serve the community.

An Independent Non-Profit Organization

As an independent non-profit organization, SEDP signs an annual fee-based licensing agreement with the Southborough Public Schools.  The arrangement is regularly re-evaluated by district professionals to ensure that SEDP is meeting their high standards and operating in alignment with district-wide goals.